Welcome to The Legion!

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Every day you, as a community inspire us with all your Darksiders love!

Therefore, we wanted to give something back to you.
We created a Sanctuary for you to share your passion for the franchise together.
Here you can find art, tutorials, cosplays, let’s plays, and other Darksiders driven content made by you,
because you make Darksiders exceptional!

Let’s band together as The Legion and show the world what it means to unleash the Fury!

What The Legion stands for?

As the community, you summon fantastical creations into our world and we want to show everyone what you are capable of
and how strong you are, young Nephilim!

That’s why we will publish a weekly Community Spotlight post featuring The Darksiders Legion – this means you!

Are you curious who our Horsemen in Costumes are? Discover with us the characters, costume makers and their progress,
which will lead us to gamescom 2018, PAX West and beyond!

Keep up to date and spot the latest Legion trends in our social feed below.
Want to see your post there as well, or be featured in our Community Spotlight?
Join us! 🔥

Become a part of The Legion

Use the hashtag #DarksidersLegion on Instagram and your post will automatically be featured on this page, as well as in our social feed.
Now The Legion will never miss your Darksiders related post!

Want to send us something directly for our weekly Legion Community Spotlight?
Contact us at: legion@darksiders.com.

This doesn’t have to be fan art or cosplay, we want to see it all and share your Darksiders love and creations with The Darksiders Legion.
Don’t be shy – let’s see what your imagination holds for the world!

We are so excited to have you as a part of The Legion – you honor us with your presence.
So let’s show how powerful we are together and what Darksiders really means to us.

We are the Darksiders Legion and together we are badass!

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