Community Spotlight #02: Reimagining the Horsemen

It’s that time of week again! For our second Community Spotlight we have some completely new ways
members of The Legion have shown their Darksiders passion! 🔥

Making Death cute again

To start off this weeks Community Spotlight we have Nando who has created his own custom Death Figure!
He loves everything about Darksiders; the lore, the graphics, and of course the soundtrack. Darksiders 2 was his favorite game and as a collector he wanted his own figure of Death. Nando states “I had no possibility of acquiring Darksiders collectibles which encouraged me to make some myself!” With that will to create, he made this amazing version of Death!

You can see more of Nando’s work on Twitter and Facebook.

Reimagining the Horsemen

Cosplay has become one of several incredible ways people have expressed their passion for a franchise and Darksiders is no different! This cosplayer loves the series so much she has created not one but two characters and plans on several more! Suspicious Tumbleweed fell in love with not only the Darksiders games but also their artistic direction. She has already created a female version of both War and Death and plans on making a female Strife and Fury! Tumble says, “I’m looking forward to exploring all future Darksiders games to find the beauty in those too!” We cannot wait to see what Darksiders 3 inspires you to create and greatly look forward to more Darksiders cosplays!

See more of Suspicious Tumbleweed’s work on her Instragram, Twitch, and website.

Hasta la muerte

Finally we have an incredibly new and different way that Andrés Inojosa has shown his love for Darksiders! He took the time to make a fandub in his native version of Spanish since the original Spanish dub is slightly different. Andrés states “I wanted to make this fandub because the spanish spoken in this game was the spanish from spain, which is good, but I prefer the Latin American dub.” His love for Darksiders goes beyond the love for the games genre but also dips into the art, music, and voice acting! He has created several different fandubs from Darksiders II, but you can check out this awesome scene of Death and Samael above! Keep up the amazing work Andrés we can not wait to see all the new fandubs for Darksiders 3. 😉

There are so many ways to express your love for Darksiders! We want to see it all!
If you have something you have created out of your passion for Darksiders and want to share it with The Legion and be featured in an article like this please send a mail to! We want to share your passion!

Until next week ❤️
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