Meet Fury and War: Ketrin and Ali in the footsteps of the Horsemen

The weather wasn’t the only hot thing this July! A lot of new information on Darksiders III was released: Hollows, Flame Fury, the release date… There’s even an interview with Alicia aka VertVixen, our first Fury and Community Manager of Gunfire Games!

Now we want to introduce Ketrin and Ali to you, who will help the Horsemen lead The Legion to gamescom 2018 and beyond. We asked them several questions about their passion and why they are so excited to don the armor of Fury and War. Yes, Ketrin will also cosplay Fury! We can’t tell you more about that… yet.

Ali and Ketrin – you two are doing War and Fury for us! How deep is your love for Darksiders?

Ketrin: When I first saw Ali in his Death cosplay I was blown away. I fell in love with the design and I wanted to know more! I am a big noob in games so I was constantly falling in lava or getting lost but stil,l it was so freaking epic to play Darksiders! Also, Uriel was my first big cosplay and first collaboration with Ali.

Ali: I was always a fan of DMC and when I saw Darksiders it was love at the first play. I already made a cosplay of Death and I can’t wait to finish War. How deep is my love for Darksiders? I decorated my whole living room with Darksiders weapons and props.

You are not just a cosplay couple but also a couple in real life – what came first – cosplay or partner? How come?

Ketrin and Ali: Of course cosplay. It just becomes part of our life, we spend most of our “free” time making cosplays and we travel a lot to cosplay conventions. It’s stressful, hectic and crazy and it’s never boring but I love this way of living.

Ketrin:  I wish it was boring at least sometimes!

You also won the ECG – European Cosplay Gathering this month – excitings times! Congratulations at that point. How long was the road until that? What was the hardest obstacle to overcome as a cosplayer?

Ketrin: I started cosplaying in 2011 and it was a long way to get here and I am still not very satisfied with my work. The hardest part for me actually was getting a full-time job and cosplay at the same time. I started cosplaying when I was a student and I had so much free time. Now life is full of responsibilities and I am just lost with no time for anything. So for me dealing with work and cosplay is sometimes crazy.

Ali: My biggest problem in cosplay is time management. I want to make everything as detailed as possible. And then I lose track at a time and I am always behind my schedule. I want to make my best work every time I do a cosplay, but it’s not always possible with deadlines. I would say time is my biggest enemy.

What were your first costumes?

Ketrin: My first cosplay was Hallibel from Bleach. I had no idea what cosplay is and I didn’t know any good materials so I just took some old clothes cut them, glue them and add some fancy electric tape for cables. I had my own hair that I cut somehow, crazy makeup and ugly mask from paper mache. It was so ugly and bad but people liked it.

Ali: I had my first cosplay from Naruto it was Zabuza. He has a big sword so it was insta cosplay for me. I took old clothes, bandages and I made a sword from styrofoam. It wasn’t as bad as I expected and I felt very good in it.

What does Cosplay mean to you?

Ketrin: Cosplay is the best thing and the worst thing that has ever happened to me. Cosplaying is a big part of my life and makes me so happy I can’t even describe it. First, when I am trying to decide what I will cosplay I am so amazed by everything. Then, during the process of creating a cosplay, I am starting to lose my will to live, I cry a lot and get depressed easily. Also with an upcoming deadline, I start to buy more wine and jack. Near the deadline, I don’t sleep a lot and cry a lot. But after I finish the cosplay it so relieving and such a great feeling. And then it starts again.

Ali: It’s the same for me, just more work, more stress and more dealing with crazy crying girlfriend.

What led you to the Legion?

Ketrin and Ali: We both are very big Darksiders lovers. Our friend Germia introduced us to the THQ marketing manager and when we heard that we can make Darksiders cosplays for THQ Nordic, we were so happy. It’s like a dream. A dream with a crazy deadline but still an epic dream.

What techniques did you choose to make War and Fury?

Ketrin and Ali: Most of the armors are made from foam, 3D prints and monster clay (silicone molds and resin-casted). We also made a model of Ketrin’s head with plaster for modeling Fury’s neck. For painting, we are using sprays, airbrush, oil paints and lots of masking tape. We choose lots of different techniques so we could create interesting tutorials and tips. And maybe some funny videos.

What is your all time favourite moment in the Darksiders franchise or moment you connect with Darksiders?

Ali: Best moment in the game? After walking everywhere for a long time on your feet and you finally get a horse! Luckily in Darksiders II you have a horse at the beginning of the game!

Ketrin: After a few hours you finally kill the worm! Best feeling ever. And then… there is another worm and even stronger. I take it back, I hate it xD
Also, the scene when Lilith comes out. So sexy!

Finally the release date, some bits and bytes of Darksiders III material and information has seen the light of day: What are looking forward to see in the game?

Ali: I was waiting so long for Darksiders III and I was starting to lose hope. And there here it is. I can’t wait to play Fury and try a different combat style.

Ketrin: I love the idea of Fury’s hollows. Can’t wait to try them! And I will not die in lava again because of Flame Fury! Also, I would like to know if Fury has something like reaper form!

Do you have a favourite Quote of Darksiders, if yes – which one?

Ketrin and Ali: This is no place for a horse! Best quote ever! Please make a t-shirt with it!

What piece of advice do you have for people who are just starting with their first costume or want to get better?

Ketrin: There are so many tutorials on youtube so just go there and find whatever you like. Buy some crafting materials and try it! If you are not sure watch Evil Ted Smith videos or read Kamui’s books – there are so many useful informations, patterns and everything!

Ali: Be patient and don’t worry if you screw up something. It’s totally normal. Just calm down and try it again. Don’t hesitate to contact us cosplayers, we don’t bite and we will help you anytime.

~ Thank you very much for your time and we are really looking forward seeing you as Fury and War in action at gamescom 2018! ~

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