Meet Fury: VertVixen unveils her dark side

Did you know that there is a total of nine cosplayers portraying our Horsemen in Costumes? After the announcement for Darksiders 3 cosplayers began asking us for more reference material to create their Darksiders costumes, and that number only grew as time passed.

We were so intrigued and excited by their enthusiasm we felt the need to support them even more! Discover with us the characters,
costume creators, and their progress on their Darksiders costumes leading us up to Gamescom 2018, PAX West, and beyond! For the rest of you lovely creatures interested in more reference, we will be releasing a cosplay kit in the future with the help from our frontline cosplayers of
The Legion! Alicia, also known as VertVixen, is our first frontline member of The Legion we would like to introduce you to! We asked her several questions about her passion and her profession. Meet Alicia and hopefully you can unravel the secret of her new job from the interview!

VertVixen, you are a Costume Builder, 3D Artist and Digital Sculptor – that is exciting! How come?

Yes! Before I was making costumes, I was a 3D prop/environment artist in the video game industry. During that time, I was building costumes on the side as a hobby and just fell in love with it! I was fortunate enough to be offered a crazy costume gig from Sideshow Collectibles that I couldn’t pass up! So, I took the risk and made the jump into cosplay full time (even though digital sculpting is something I do almost every day still!) The irony is after doing it for a year and a half I missed the video game industry so much I ended up going back and am currently the Community Manager at Gunfire Games. 😉

What does your name stand for?

A question I get all too often! When I first started working on my 3D art portfolio I thought I needed an art handle that I could use on all my social media! Little did I know it would end up following me into cosplay and beyond hahaha. Simply put a 3D model is made of planes, edges, and vertices. Shorten vertices to vert and then find a word that starts with a “v”! That’s how it came to be! I love that even though I went into cosplay I was able to bring back my 3D roots with digital sculpting and 3D printing and it remained relevant!

Tell us – which character are you doing for Darksiders and why?

I am fortunate enough to do Fury! I started making the costume last year after the announcement for the game.
Darksiders is my all-time favorite franchise and when I saw she was next with her new armored out design I was all about it!

What are your main techniques you are using for building Fury?

Since one of my greatest strengths is digital sculpting and 3D modeling I decided to model and print her armor! Minus the face cowl, that I ended up hand sculpting. Before it became official that I was doing Fury for you guys I was modeling and sculpting everything from scratch! Some of the pieces I will be using the models that were provided to me from you guys. For any parts that need flex and I can’t wear the raw prints I will be molding and casting the prints and using materials such as VytaFlex from Smooth-On so I can move!

What is the biggest obstacle?

The biggest obstacle on this costume hands down is the torso! Have you seen it!? So many small details! It is also layers upon layers of leather and on top of that armor! And of course, I decided to take the challenge and 3D print almost everything…and this includes the torso. In general, when you are working in 3D and printing armor for yourself one of the largest obstacles is always making sure the armor will fit you properly after it’s printed. Not just snuggly but proportionally. I fortunately have a 3D scan (Provided by the amazing Cokreate) so I can size everything to my 3D self! (yes it is weird to work on a 3D version of yourself).

If you have to describe each of the Horsemen with three words, how would your answer be?

I feel like…this is going to be harder then I would think…
War: Badass, Lawful, Solemn (sexy :p LOLOL JK JK!)
Death: Cocky, Agile, Leader
Fury: Limber, Aggressive, Loyal
Strife: Mysterious, Tactical, Sarcastic

What in particular do you like about Fury?

Well first off, I have to say I love her new design so much! A woman in full armor stops my heart every time ❤️. When it comes to game play her traversal excites me so much! Each horsemen seems to navigates the levels differently and that whip swing and double jump…. ya that looks amazing. Also, her range in combat! From the Lava Brute video released last year that range looks incredible!

So your passion for Darksiders goes beyond supernatural – you are also the Community Manager for Gunfire Games now, the studio who is in charge of Darksiders 3 – congrats to this! Plus: You have a Darksiders Tattoo! Where lies the root of that passion?

The simple answer: the art. When I was in college my goal was to work for Vigil. I wanted nothing more than to work on this franchise as an artist. I literally spent hours trying to replicate the sculpts and scouring through the art books. It was so incredible to me how well the artists were able to translate Joe Mad’s concepts into 3D. From proportion to the sculptural line weight…. Art porn for sure. That being said…. I have played Darksiders 1 all the way through at least 5 times…maybe more? And 2 I have beaten at least twice. The gameplay and the story (especially DS1) have me addicted! In fact, the tattoo (which I’ve wanted forever as a memento for what got me into digital sculpting!) was earned by beating one of my twitch watchers in a speed run hahahaha!


Thank you very much for your time and we are really looking forward seeing you as Fury in action at gamescom 2018!

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