Community Spotlight #10: Meet Brother BoltShells

There are so many talented people out there in the Legion! We want to highlight you all, but today we focus on one member of the Legion. Let me introduce you all to Daniel, also known as Brother BoltShells who has been creating non-stop Darksiders related art as of late!

Hey Daniel, why don’t you introduce yourself, give us a short background of how you began your journey to become the incredible artist you are?

My name is Daniel and I’m from Denmark. Ever since I can remember I’ve been a creative soul – and since I didn’t really excel at math or science, I quickly found out that I had a knack for anything that involved sculpting, painting, roleplaying, model building etc. but especially drawing. I guess, once I picked up my first issue of X-men (Illustrated by Joe Mad) back at age 10, it started an adventure that’s still going strong today!

How long have you been making art for (Of any kind! )?

I think I started doing more ’serious’ stuff in my late twenties but, I’ve always done sketches and all sorts of artistic stuff ever since I can remember. I’m still learning every day and adapting new techniques whilst trying to slowly push myself out of my comfort zones. I’ve had plenty of breaks where I focused on other hobbies.

What is your favorite medium to use?

Oh that’s tough, but at heart I’m a traditional artist who favours a regular old pencil and some paper. That said, having spent the last 15 odd years painting miniatures, props and paintings, I do love playing around with colours. There are some effects I can only get with my paints.

Are there any pieces that you are particularly proud of? What was your favorite part about making this piece?

I think, from my recent Darksiders related artwork spree, I’d say I’m most proud of my large scale ’Apocalypse’ drawing as I’ve spent numerous weeks picking out all the tiny details and building up the picture. Everything is 100% freehanded with not a shred of reference. As a close second, I’d probably go with my rendition of Tingilya Cosplay as Uriel. In the piece I tried to give Uriel an almost saintly feel and whilst I did use references, the end result is a very nice stand-alone piece that I’m very proud of.

You have done several Darksiders related pieces so far! What originally drew you to the Darksiders Franchise?

The art style and setting! For me, as a huge Joe Mad fan, Darksiders combines the best of all worlds – it has beautiful characters and environments whilst tapping into rich and diverse storytelling. There is an overabundance of potential and the franchise continues to inspire me to this day.

Recently you drew some amazing renditions of our Fury cosplayers! What inspired you to make these?

As a die-hard Darksiders fan, I of course had to go to Gamescom in Germany, where I had the opportunity to not only try Darksiders 3 but also meet the Darksiders Legion. As I’ve been following these cosplayers and their Darksiders progress for months, getting to meet them in person and being allowed to study their work up close filled me with inspiration. So, shortly after Gamescom, amazing pictures of the ‘50 shades of Fury’ started popping up and I took that as my cue to dive head first into doing my own artistic representations. I guess, it was also my way of saying ’thank you for doing such an amazing job and I love your work’ to the various cosplayers, as I do plan on handing each drawing over to the specific person when or if I ever meet them again.

I have to ask! Who is your favorite Horsemen?!

War. Though of course Darksiders 3 might change that 😉

What are you looking forward to seeing in Darksiders III?

A continuation of the existing story past the breaking of the final seal, perhaps some kind of reckoning with the Charred council? Fury finding out everything is not as it seems – maybe, just maybe some War action… and, perhaps a hint at Strife.

Do you have a favorite moment from either Darksiders I or II?

My all-time favourite moment is when War confronts the Destroyer – and as the former Archangel ends his sales pitch to the Horseman – it Is met with the scornful and iconic “I choose what once, a coward did not.”

What advice would you give anyone who wants to get into art?

As it’s always been ‘just’ a hobby to me, I never pursued any art education or dream job in art. So whilst my advice on getting into that world might be limited, I can share my own personal mantra. “Never give up, never surrender”. Don’t let it stay a dream or a vision – let it out. Tell a story, even if it’s just with stick figures! Challenge yourself from drawing to drawing to include new techniques, new ideas. Add a background. Add a plot. Watch tutorials and read comics! The important part is that you actually get started and stick with it. Never be afraid of failing. Failing is what gives experience and character. And when you feel like you’re not progressing, stubbornness and passion is the fuel you need in order to reach your destination – but in the end, what matters is the journey. And as the late great Bob Ross said, we don’t make mistakes, we only have happy accidents.

Finally! Where can people find you and your work?

My Instagram is probably the best place to catch up on my latest shenanigans! Here I share everything from my cosplay and prop making, WIPs, event photos, artwork and other geeky ramblings.
I also have a Facebook page, though updates are less regular.

If you have something you have created out of your passion for Darksiders and want to share it with The Legion and be featured in an article like this please email us or share it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram with the #DarksidersLegion – we want to see what you’ve got!

Until next week ❤️
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