Community Spotlight #09: Passion that gets under your skin

You Legion members continue to astound us every day. We always love seeing your creations and hearing what truly inspires you to create! 🔥

Three dimensions of Darksiders

For this week let’s start with an artist who has been inspired to make some amazing 3D pieces! Fabian Orrego, a freelance 3D artist, finds inspiration in the Darksiders franchise for his art. When asked how Darksiders inspired him Fabian said “Darksiders is my favorite videogame, I love the history and gameplay, but, what I love the most is the art of the characters and environments. The stylized art of this video game is amazing!” He is really looking forward to the Darksiders III artbook to continue his Darksiders inspiration! Thank you for creating such amazing 3D art Fabian, we cannot wait to see what you forge next!

You can see more of Fabian’s work on his ArtStation, Sketchfab, and Youtube Channel!

Under the skin

We have seen different ways you Legion members express your love in Darksiders creations, but there are all kinds of ways to be share your passion! Aaron Goddard a hardcore Darksiders fan recently got this epic tattoo of the Horsemen symbol. It seemed pretty clear why Aaron got the tattoo after he stated “I’ve wanted to get a Darksiders tattoo for years. Ever since I played the first one, I fell in love with the story, game design, art style, lore, and sounds.” His artist, Ringo Leone from Red Dagger Tattoo, brought this tattoo to the next level by adding a silhouette of War into the symbol. The news of Darksiders III re-sparked Aaron’s desire for this piece and we hope the franchise continues to inspire you!

You can see more of the tattoo artist’s work on their Instagram.

Tin Foil Riders

We have seen some unique creations from you Legion members and these foil sculptures are no exception! “The Foil Guy” as he calls himself on social media, has taken the time to recreate the Four Horsemen as foil sculptures. When asked how a franchise like Darksiders inspired him they said, “Some stories speak of a warrior capable of accomplishing great things like War. Others of an assassin that is meant to be feared as much as respected like Death. And again, a living weapon whose mere presence is a threat like Fury. And finally, a mystery like Strife that gives me the opportunity to practice artistic liberty based on what little information I have on him thus far.” Here’s to hoping Darksiders III will give you plenty of other characters to inspire your foil creations!

You can see more of The Foil Guy’s work on their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and DeviantArt!

Legion, don’t stop creating and sharing, we want to see more! If you have something you have created out of your passion for Darksiders and want to share it with The Legion and be featured in an article like this, please send a mail to or share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the #DarksidersLegion – we want to see what you’ve got!

Until next week ❤️
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