Community Spotlight #06: Death Metal Reforged

We are very impressed, young souls – the Legion continues to grow every day! 🔥
It doesn’t matter if it’s art, music or a video; your creativity knows no limits! You make it so hard for us to choose from all this intriguing content that represents you. You are all amazing and we are honored to share you and your work! This week we have a variety of creative ways people are spreading their hellish skills!

Epic Ink Paintings

Sharing his Darksiders admiration we have Daniel, Brother BoltShells, with some epic ink work! Daniel said “I have always been inspired by the Darksiders games, the rich lore and design really stuck with me through the years.” He also mentioned that his first comic was by Joe Madureira, and his style inspired Daniel with his own art. He has always wanted to see the Nephilim take center stage and have all four Horsemen together!

You can see more of Daniel’s work on his Instagram!

Progressive “Death” Metal

Music and Darksiders!? Why yes! Gunderslam has taken one of the most amazing music tracks “The Abyssal Plains” from Darksiders 2 and done an epic progressive metal cover of it! Originally this was done as a contest entry where he needed to create a progressive metal cover, and this was perfect for him! “I definitely plan to cover more songs from the series, contest entry or not!” He cannot wait to play Darksiders III and of course hear the new soundtrack!

You can listen to more of Gunderslams epic work on his YouTube and Instagram!

War reborn

Cosplay has always been a huge way for fans to show their love for a franchise and Darksiders is no different! Shoko and Jerome decided to tackle War as a cosplay project back in 2010 and the result is incredible! War was their first armor project out of foam, and they said it was a challenge, but since they are huge Darksiders fans they were able to work through it. Sadly, the costume was destroyed a few years ago, but because they loved it so much they plan on redoing it because you as a Legion have inspired them: “Thank you Legion, you motivate us to create more!”

So do you Shoko and Jerome – you inspire us too! We cannot wait to see War reborn and good luck! Check out more of their work on their Instagram!

Legion, don’t stop creating and sharing, we want to see more! If you have something you have created out of your passion for Darksiders and want to share it with The Legion and be featured in an article like this, please send a mail to or share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the #DarksidersLegion – we want to see what you’ve got!

Until next week ❤️
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