Community Spotlight #03: Riding with Death

It’s that time of the week again! For our third Community Spotlight, our Legion members have all new ways of showing their Darksiders Love! 🔥

Revisiting Anvil’s Ford

Our first Legionary has decided to bring a Darksiders III concept to life in a beautiful 3D piece. Alisson Stirchler is currently an Environment Artist at Shiro Games and on her free time she chose to create this wonderful 3D environment inspired by Darksiders. Aside from the magical ambiance that Darksiders holds to her, the balance between light and dark, post-apocalyptic and fantasy really drove Alisson to create this work of art. She wanted to take the original Darksiders III concept and truly make it her own by using elements from the concept, adding the Armageddon blade “because I really love the aesthetics of the sword”, and created an atmosphere they could live within. Alisson stated, “I wanted to improve myself with the creation of a big environment and I really like the ambiance of Darksiders!” Want to learn more about this amazing piece, check out this interview that she did!
You can also see more of her work on her ArtStation, Twitter, and LinkedIn!


The Essence of Fury


From 3D to 2D art! It is always amazing to see how you Legion members bring Darksiders to life! Idar Boyum wanted to truly capture the essence of Fury’s character in the piece above. The Horse(wo)man surrounded by death and demons casually continues her journey to take down the Seven Deadly Sins! Idar has been a long time Darksiders fan: “When I discovered Darksiders back in 2011, I was pulled into a universe I never wanted to leave! After following War and Death through their utterly badass stories and gameplay I cannot wait for more! Specifically, Fury’s story!” To see more of Idar’s work check out their Instagram!


A Burning Passion


Finally, a whole new medium that I personally don’t see enough of: wood burning! Lenny has taken the art of wood burning to a whole new level by “decking” out his longboard with some incredible Darksiders art. This piece of art took him over 80 hours of work and was all hand done. Lenny’s main inspiration for this piece comes from the overall brooding atmosphere of the game and of course the ominous presence of the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse. Despair became his main subject since this board was his main source of transportation and after playing Darksiders I and II Lenny aligned himself with Death as a character. “The dark and prophetic themes of Darksiders have withstood the tests of time, as many a prophecy has. I hope my art will do the same.” Well, Lenny, we think it will! If you want to see more of Lenny’s work check out his Instagram and Twitter!


Every week we see new amazing pieces that you, The Legion, have created! We want to see more!
If you have something you have created out of your passion for Darksiders and want to share it with The Legion and be featured in an article like this please email us or use the hashtag #DarksidersLegion on social media!

Until next week ❤️
Gunfire Games

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