Community Spotlight #01: Sharing a bedroom with

For our first Legion Community Spotlight we wanted to feature a variety of ways people have expressed their passion for Darksiders!


Sharing a bedroom with Darksiders


First, we have a couple that loves the franchise so much they made it a part of their everyday lives!
Darksiders for Carly and Joe Joe Perez is not just a love but a lifestyle;
their whole bedroom is covered in some amazing paintings of the Four Horsemen painted by husband Joe Joe.

 “We love the storyline of the Four Horsemen, it really sucks you in! And the graphics and gameplay are amazing!”, the couple states.
There is something truly special about turning your bedroom into your own Darksiders Sanctuary!
You know what they say, a couple that games together stay together.

Check out more of Joe Joe’s work on Instagram.


It’s more than just a mask


Next, we have another way to create and express some Darksiders passion, this time using the art of 3D printing!
Stephen Herron, known to the cosplay community as Invictus Cosplay has been a huge fan of Darksiders since the first moment he played the games.
Death’s mask was on the top of his list of things to create after receiving his new 3D printer.
Even after the piece was printed he still had to finish it and paint it.
He made sure to take his time and it shows, the piece is painted and finished beautifully!
And some of you might know what Stephen drives: “I love Darksiders but I love recreating the beautiful pieces from the game even more!”

His passion truly shows through this piece and we cannot wait to see what else he creates!

Check out more of Stephen’s work on his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Chaoseater Re:forged

Since we are already talking about replicas have you seen the real-life Chaoseater made by Man at Arms?
Not only is it 6 ft long but it is also entirely made of steel!
It took an entire team of people several days to create this masterpiece.
One of the best parts is they take the time to go over their process in the video.
If you have not seen this yet, please go watch the video and show them some love!
We wonder how heavy this real-life Chaoseater version might be?

There are so many ways to express your love for Darksiders – we want to see it all.

If you have something you have created out of your passion for Darksiders and want to share it with The Legion
and be featured in an article like this please email us to
or post with the Hashtag #DarksidersLegion on the social channel of your choice.
We want to share your passion!

Until next week 🖤

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